I almost died this morning.

After battling Renn for about 30 minutes, he finally decided to get dressed for school.

First of all, he had to sit on the toilet for a while with his iPad.  Seriously.  I would question this but I swear the bathroom is the only place I have enough time to scan People magazine.  And with three sisters running around, I feel like the boy needs his time, ya know?

So I went upstairs and got his clothes for him and brought them downstairs.  Just to hurry things along.

Side note:  We are getting ready for a pretty big yard sale this weekend at the house.  PLEASE stop by and see us if you are in Parker!  The girls will also be running a bake sale to help pay for the fall horse shows next month — I am planning on making jumbo chocolate chip cookies, brownies and a new recipe…Chocolate Caramel Cracker Bars!  I asked the girls a couple of weeks ago what they wanted to do to help pay for the horse shows and they came up with the idea of a joint Garage and Bake Sale.  I have to say, I was super proud of them!  And I figure this is a good way to encourage them to be accountable for part of the horse show, even if they don’t make a lot of money.  (Which by the time I’m dog tired from baking all this stuff it will be break even.  At best.)  But I want to support them while they take and learn about responsibility.  And money.

Seriously.  What in the world was I talking about?



So we are selling his old train table at the garage sale.  And this morning he probably spent an hour playing with it before school.  Yes, he gets up around 5am.  Always has.  That’s why I have bags under my eyes and swear by this stuff…

Well-Rested Face and Eye Brightener

Well Rested Eye Brightener 

Sorry folks, I’m going around my elbow this morning…

Renn finally starts getting dressed while sitting on the stairs and yells at me, “I need my socks, woman!”

The fire coming out of my head would burn you worse than the eclipse without glasses.

I could not believe that my six-year-old sweet baby boy just addressed me as “WOMAN!”

This little baby.

I’m pretty sure I lost consciousness for a few seconds.

But after I gave him the look of death that is only bequeathed by the Myers side of the family, he snapped out of it.