Well, that was quite a break from blogging.

I always feel like things really kick in to gear from September through Christmas.  This year is no exception.

Renn has finished soccer…the Termites had another undefeated season!!

Last season they lost one game and the season before that they were undefeated…they have the cutest little team!

Renn had a great season too, he scored 2 or more goals in every game!  Now, he is not the best player on the team and we do not practice in the off-season.  BUT, he is fast, reads the field well and is aggressive (Shocker on that last part, I know.  HA!).  I seriously love watching him play!  And he usually talks a little game to the other team (Shocker, I know.  HA!).

School has been in full swing, to say the least.  I honestly can’t believe Caroline is in fifth grade.  They are all three doing pretty well in school and making some new friends this year.  Renn had one “B” on his report card and I thought he was going to throw a tantrum a la Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation he was so mad.  You know the one…”Holy shit.  Where’s the Tylenol?!”  Yeah, that part.  LC just finished up a unit on Rome and had to do a presentation on the goddess Vesta, complete with costume.

Now, I should be very clear about something.  I do not sew.  Never learned.  Maybe I’ll take it up one day when we have a break from traveling around in our RV surprise visiting all of the kids at college.  (Yes.  That is our plan.)  So I got an old cotton dress and used some iron-on hem stuff to adhere tulle to the whole thing.  Y’all, that is a lot of tulle.  Then I made the little flap things at the top out of felt and just attached them with safety pins.  The headband I stumbled upon at Michael’s for $5 and thought it was perfect!  And since Vesta is often depicted with flowers as a symbol of hearth, home and domesticity, we added a few flowers to complete the look.  I think she looked adorable!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Nana and Papa came to visit and we always have some neighbors and friends over to help celebrate.  We had more food than a show dog could jump over and everyone had a good time eating, drinking and generally being merry.

Hmmm…what else have we been up to?

Oh, yeah.  I feel like we live at the barn.  Except for Monday.  The barn is closed every Monday.  But we usually still go by and check on Toska.  Y’all.  Our girls are so in love with horses and riding.  Especially Caroline.  I don’t know, I didn’t grow up with the sport or riding so I am learning as they learn, but there’s just something about Caroline and horses.  It’s like it’s part of her.  I’m honestly just amazed that she has so much passion for something at 10.  Yesterday was LC’s lesson on Toska, and Karen told Caroline she could exercise either Mr. Mowgli (cutest little pony) or Fifi (difficult diva pony)…so she rode both!  She just wants to ride.

We had a horse show at the Colorado Horse Park the other weekend and we had so much fun!  It was the first time our girls have both been Champion in their divisions!  And Toska was such a good girl!  They won their first prize money, blankets, coolers, saddle pads and of course, ribbons!

That is pretty much what we’ve been doing around here!

We are all getting excited for Christmas and I have been decorating like a mad woman.  I always like to put up decorations right after Thanksgiving.  That way I feel like we can enjoy it as much as possible.

OH.  And a little extra incentive to get the house ready early…

we are hosting a Holiday Open House for our barn in early December.


You read that right.

Ho.  Ho.  Ho.