This post has a kinda gross picture.

Last night we had one of our favorites for dinner:  skillet lasagna.

It was delicious.

While we were all gathered around the table, RJ and I had a very pointed conversation about what a great afternoon/evening we’d had.

It was a beautiful spring-ish day.

RJ got home a little early.

The kids are all healthy.

I’m sorry, what?

Did I just lose consciousness?

Did I really just say that?

I know better than to say something like that.

Shame on me.

We were all upstairs watching the Dook/Carolina game and LC and Renn were downstairs.  ALONE.

*Insert red flag, Katie.*

And then I heard the cry.

You know, the cry that your child makes when you know something is seriously wrong.  I heard this cry from LC last weekend when her ear drum ruptured and we had to take her in to the ER at 2am.  And I heard it last night from Renn immediately following the sound of glass breaking.  I started running down the stairs and he met me halfway, grasping his arm around his elbow, blood running down his hand.  When I got to him all I could see was a deep cut, lots of blood and the inside layer of skin.  I knew it was dangerously close to the elbow and I started freaking out at that point.

What happened:  RJ had just washed a fruit bowl and placed it upside down to dry.  Renn picked it up to flip it over (I don’t know why.  So.many.questions.) and it slipped and shattered on the edge.  SO HE CONTINUED TO FLIP IT OVER AND SLICED HIS ARM OPEN.  (I don’t know why.  So.many.questions.)


Renn’s arm…

This picture was taken at the hospital.  Obviously.

But I am SO thankful that this happened at night and RJ was home.

Y’all.  I was freaking out to the point of shaking.  I knew he needed stitches, but I couldn’t tell how bad it was.

RJ immediately grabbed a towel and just held his elbow for a few minutes to help stop the bleeding.  Meanwhile, the four of us girls are running around crying, screaming, shaking and gathering Renn’s things to go to the hospital when RJ shouts, “Shut up, girls!  You are not helping!”

So RJ tapes the towel to Renn’s arm and off they go.

As Renn was walking out the door (by the way, he had totally stopped crying at this point), he was like, “Why don’t we just give it the night and see how it looks tomorrow?”

RJ:  Renn, get in the car.  Now.

All stitched up!

All together it took about 2 hours.

Bless his heart.

This was today.

It hurts to bend his arm but you can tell how incredibly close it is to the elbow.  Thank goodness he didn’t cut it an inch lower.