Ok, so I’m not sure how “healthy” this chocolate cake is.  But it is delicious anyways!  If you are looking for a rich, borderline fudgy chocolate cake to satisfy that sweet tooth, this recipe will send you over the moon.  With hopefully a little less guilt!

And I am always up for trying new recipes.  This one caught my eye because it has olive oil, coffee and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Count me in!

Basic Chocolate Cake from Country Living

Confession:  I went ahead and topped mine with the Deep Chocolate Glaze.  Move right along, nothing healthy about that glaze here.  Anything that has a cup of heavy cream in it is automatically eliminated from any “healthy(ish)” recipe list.

*But it is OH SO GOOD*

Here’s my cake from last night.

Image may contain: food

I just love the “messy border of rainbow sprinkles” look.  Too cute.

And our kids loved this cake!  LC was literally licking her plate.  Although you could serve her a dog bone covered in chocolate glaze and she’d gobble it up.

Bonus:  this cake is mixed by hand!  No mixer required!  Because when I’m trying to diet and exercise the last thing I want to do is lift a heavy stand mixer!  Hooray!

Another bonus:  no buttercream and no powdered sugar mess!