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Nana and Papa

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet.

And not cry.

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I can’t believe I’m thinking this, much less writing this.

But I would really appreciate any positive thoughts/prayers coming this way.

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The Cord to Nowhere, Continued…

We are making progress…

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The Cord to Nowhere

Now, I’m blogging about this before I have a concrete answer as to what happened.


Because I can’t make this stuff up.

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Very Suspicious

I’m in the middle of Katie’s Cookie Kitchen this morning, getting ready for the garage/bake sale extravaganza tomorrow morning.

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I’ve thought about this for a while.

Actually, I probably think about this most days.

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Back in the Saddle Again

It has been a while.

A long while.

And that’s ok.  Life starts happening and sometimes things change.

But I have missed having this little space to write my thoughts and share our crazy family stories.

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I can’t make this stuff up…

This is Caroline’s foot.

This is an avulsion fracture.

This is the swelling on the outside that started yesterday.

We have no idea what happened or caused this.

She woke up yesterday morning and couldn’t walk on the outside of her foot.

We thought she was avoiding chore day.


After ice and elevation most of the day, it started really swelling around 7pm.

I swear everything happens at 7pm.


Anyways, to (hopefully) save another ER visit, I called and just talked to the nurse about it.  She said she needed to be seen soon by either an ER or Urgent Care.

So I took her in (she couldn’t get a shoe on, it was too painful with the pressure of the shoe) and they did 3 angles of x-rays.

Of course what is on Caroline’s mind?  Horse riding.

She told the doctor she rides every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and works at the barn on Saturday.

He said, “Not this week.”

She is super bummed but also understands.  She said she’ll do whatever it takes to be back with her horses as soon as possible.

I love her spirit and passion.

So she is in a boot right now, staying off of it as much as possible.

As my very wise grandfather says, “When you got kids that’s all you got.”


Renn’s Arm


This post has a kinda gross picture.

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There Arose Such a Clatter

I woke up with a migraine yesterday morning.

And I went to bed with a migraine last night.

No bueno.

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