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Back in the Saddle Again

It has been a while.

A long while.

And that’s ok.  Life starts happening and sometimes things change.

But I have missed having this little space to write my thoughts and share our crazy family stories.

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Mom and I went to Nordstrom yesterday for lunch, my first real outing since ankle surgery.  I’m so slow on crutches we pretty much only had time to walk through the store straight up to the restaurant.  But that’s ok.  The point is I was out!  And I was out of sweat shorts!

On the third floor of Nordstrom is the home section, conveniently right beside the café.

I saw this little skeleton figurine and thought it was just adorable!

(Renn loves skeletons and skulls around Halloween and begged for some last year.  But I just can’t get into the gory Halloween stuff.  Can you?  Anyways, I thought this was such a cute way to incorporate skulls into our fall décor.)

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What’s for Dinner?

It’s not really a secret that I love to cook.  And I especially love to bake.

But I can barely make cinnamon toast right now.

Ok, I can’t really make cinnamon toast by myself yet.  I need my mom’s help to get the sugar jar down.

Ankle surgery is for the birds.

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Apparently these are new…

I can’t even!

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The Heart Knot

I saw this necklace a while ago and wanted to share!

They have several different variations in addition to the ones I posted below; these are just the three I can’t decide between.  I would love to hear your thoughts on these cute necklaces!  (And yes, I realize they scream “Southern” girl!)

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Baby Bear’s Shoes

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Allie, aka Baby Bear or Boo Bear, is very particular about her shoes.  I bought her the cutest pair of white Mary Jane’s from Hanna Andersson in the spring to wear with all of her dresses.  She threw them back in the box and screamed, “No shoe, Mommy!”  And she proceeded to wear crocs to church for Easter.  If there’s one thing I’m learning as a parent, it’s to pick your battles.  I am not battling a two-year-old over shoes.

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I Like Big Bows and I Cannot Lie

I realize this is the probably the last year I will be able to dress our baby in what I want her to wear…so I’m going all out!

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Shirt Dress

I often get care packages from my mom and dad back in North Carolina and it is a borderline event when that doorbell rings and the kids see the UPS delivery man!

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Lair o’ the Bear Park

If you live near the Denver area and haven’t checked out Lair o’ the Bear Park…you’re probably the only one!  Joking!  

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My Morning Routine

If I want to feel like a living person in the morning, there are a few things I NEED…

First things first!


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