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Mom and I went to Nordstrom yesterday for lunch, my first real outing since ankle surgery.  I’m so slow on crutches we pretty much only had time to walk through the store straight up to the restaurant.  But that’s ok.  The point is I was out!  And I was out of sweat shorts!

On the third floor of Nordstrom is the home section, conveniently right beside the café.

I saw this little skeleton figurine and thought it was just adorable!

(Renn loves skeletons and skulls around Halloween and begged for some last year.  But I just can’t get into the gory Halloween stuff.  Can you?  Anyways, I thought this was such a cute way to incorporate skulls into our fall décor.)

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I also got a pair of these.

I just couldn’t resist.  They are already up on our mantle, surrounded by vases of black roses.  Renn really got a kick out of these and loved that this guy is missing some teeth!

Y’all.  I love fall.  I have 3 HUGE storage bins of fall décor.  I was directing my mom yesterday with where to place the different straw pumpkins and gourds, the
fall “Welcome” signs, the orange and burlap table runners with coordinating salt and pepper shakers.  And she finally just sat down.  And had an orange cookie.