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Allie, aka Baby Bear or Boo Bear, is very particular about her shoes.  I bought her the cutest pair of white Mary Jane’s from Hanna Andersson in the spring to wear with all of her dresses.  She threw them back in the box and screamed, “No shoe, Mommy!”  And she proceeded to wear crocs to church for Easter.  If there’s one thing I’m learning as a parent, it’s to pick your battles.  I am not battling a two-year-old over shoes.

But for starting school this year, I was determined to get her in a pair of decent and supportive tennis shoes.  So at least she could run without tripping over her own feet and not accumulate mountains of mulch in her shoes.  So I sat my sights on the mall for back-to-school shoe shopping.  With all 4 kids.  By myself.

I was feeling confident that day.

(I haven’t had the feeling since.)

I am so glad that Nordstrom was having their Anniversary Sale at the time because we found these adorable Asics tennis shoes for Allie…and she loves them because they have bunny ears!!

RJ thinks they look ridiculous but I think they are the most precious little shoes ever!

Here is our picture from the first day of school and Allie wearing her bunny shoes!