Taking the Mountain

The Journey of a Mom in Motion

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I’m trying to think of what to write.

Or where to begin.

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Well, that was quite a break from blogging.

I always feel like things really kick in to gear from September through Christmas.  This year is no exception.

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Nana and Papa

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet.

And not cry.

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I can’t believe I’m thinking this, much less writing this.

But I would really appreciate any positive thoughts/prayers coming this way.

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The Cord to Nowhere, Continued…

We are making progress…

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The Cord to Nowhere

Now, I’m blogging about this before I have a concrete answer as to what happened.


Because I can’t make this stuff up.

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Coffee Cake Recipe

Did I mention we had a garage and bake sale yesterday?


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Very Suspicious

I’m in the middle of Katie’s Cookie Kitchen this morning, getting ready for the garage/bake sale extravaganza tomorrow morning.

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Garage Sale!


I’m still in my pajamas.

That’s shocking, you reply.

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New Dessert

RJ, er, I mean, the kids, love chocolate chip cookies.

Honestly, I can’t remember which, if any, recipes I’ve posted on here but I bet I have tried 25 different types of chocolate chip cookies.


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