I’m taking my time this morning.  Or trying to.


It is currently a wind chill of 9 and lightly snowing.

RJ says there is a layer of ice on the road.

Am I driving my kids to school the day before Christmas break in 9 degrees and potential ice?

Maybe not.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas gifts lately.

While our kids still have the Secret of Santa, I’m pretty sure this will be the last year in believing for Caroline and LC.  LC is already very suspicious.  She’s not asked — but told — us several times, “I’m pretty sure you and Daddy just buy us the gifts and put them under the tree.”

That LC…

But I feel like we are getting out of the baby phase a little bit, even with Christmas gifts.  And gift giving has been a little difficult this year.


Well, all the girls want is a horse.

Not just any horse, I should add.  Caroline started crying the other night at the thought of Toska’s lease ending next summer.

Next summer, y’all.

My type-A, first born is already stressed about next summer.


So the whole horse thing makes it a little difficult.

I will say that I started shopping some online deals — mainly Dover — early in the fall and got some great deals on riding clothes for the girls.  They have kind of moved on from the bright colored jods/breeches and are requesting khaki and white/navy.  Caroline does have one pink shirt she wears a lot — it’s one of the Ariat Sunstopper Shirts.  With a navy vest over it, naturally.

Ariat Sunstopper Show Shirt - White , Medium

These retail for about $50 at Dover.  But sometimes you can get a good sale in other colors/patterns.

Y’all.  These are the best shirts.  They are light weight and have the mesh under the arms so your rider stays cool while working, but are easy enough to layer with a vest or jacket.  Caroline lives in these.

Ariat also makes a version with the show collar.  Perfection.

As far as Christmas gifts for Renn, good lawd…

The main thing he wants is anything Nerf.

The main thing I don’t want him to have is anything Nerf.

So I’m trying to find a balance of him living out his Navy Seal dream as a six-year-old while still protecting the rest of the family from a Nerf gun shot to the eye.

It’s a fine line, people.

He does want a few Lego sets, mainly Star Wars, and I got him some of the large building blocks to build forts in his room.


Maybe a little.  But he and Allie LOVE building forts together and I thought this would be fun for them!

And (hopefully) no one loses a eye.

Although…what if he uses this like a bunker for a Nerf gun war with Allie?


I did not think this through all the way.


Allie was the easy one this year.  And I ordered her big gift back in October when I got a great sale.  Yes, I’m that person.

I got this adorable nursery play set for Allie!  I think she will love it!!

Oh, and RJ got some boxers and a belt.

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